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OB Sponge Blender (Esponja)

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The regular size OB Sponge Blender is the best way to blend your foundation and concealer and all over your face. 

Use Wet: Apply all your creams products, primer, foundation, concealer, BB Cream for a flawless finish.

Use Dry: Apply powder, baking, shimmer, or blush for an airbrushed glow.

Use small OB Sponge Blender to blend eye primer, conceal, to reach curved and small face areas, for setting under-eyes areas and for touch-ups on the go.

Latex free/ Non-Allergenic/ Odor-less/ Hydropholic/ Re-usable. Replace every 1-3 months.


It perfectly works on your skin with liquid, cream and foundation.Hypo-allergic and applicable to all skin types.

-  Latex-free cosmetic puff with hydrophilic features, environmental-friendly, non-toxic and recyclable.

-  Rich in Vitamin E, for the skin to absorb nutrients and retain water; can moisturize the skin to prevent aging.

-  Anti-oil; made of environmental-friendly, recyclable and eatable raw materials.

-  Hydrophilic material, with water easily and quickly absorbed.